Aged Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice

Aged Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice

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A very practical, down-to-earth book about caring for older people; with an accompanying audio book for added convenience and efficiency. It is easy to understand and simple in it's design. Now used as a recommended text across a range of courses.

  • Edited By: Susan Carmody, Sue Forster
  • Published Date: January 1, 2003
  • Publisher: Ausmed Publications
  • ISBN: 0-9579876-4-1


The aged population has grown markedly throughout the world, but there is a shortage of experienced nurses with expertise in the holistic care of the elderly. This book is written to inspire and empower such nurses. Aged Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice is written by clinicians for clinicians. The inclusion of evidence-based and outcome-based practices throughout the book ensures that all readers, be they novices or experts, will have a reliable and comprehensive reference to guide their practice. Each author is a recognised expert in his or her subject area, and all present their topics with a focus that is practical, rather than academic. Available as textbook alone or as audiobook–textbook package.

Key Features

  • Aged care Nursing: A Guide to Practice is available as a textbook or as an audiobook and textbook package designed for the busy aged-care nurse. It consists of an abridged audiobook on CD together with a full-length high quality textbook.
  • Written by clinicians for clinicians.
  • Contributions from recognised expert authors from several countries ensuring generic international applicability.
  • The focus of the chapter topics is on practicality rather than academic features.
  • This book challenges nurses throughout the world to respond with the latest knowledge and the best clinical practice in aged care nursing.
  • A definitive textbook on aged care nursing.

About the Editors

Susan Carmody

Susan has been a nurse for more than thirty years. After her hospital-based training and having gained extensive clinical experience, Susan moved into management and quality assurance and commenced her own business, ‘Health Force’, which assists hospitals and other health organisations achieve the highest nursing standards and accreditation through education and quality improvement.

In the past ten years, Susan has concentrated her management and quality-control expertise on community aged care. She gains her greatest satisfaction from seeing her nursing colleagues come up with new ideas, be motivated to study and gain qualifications, and take risks to better themselves and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sue Forster

Sue completed her general nurse training in the Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service in the UK and abroad. She has extensive clinical, educational, and managerial experience at senior levels gained from a long nursing career in Europe, Australia, and Africa. For the past ten years Sue has managed her own educational consultancy business.

Her special interests include gerontic care, continuous quality improvement, and human resource management. Sue is dedicated to the education and empowerment of her nursing colleagues through the provision of sound evidence-based practice within a holistic framework of quality care.

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