Assertiveness and the Manager's Job

Assertiveness and the Manager's Job

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This title focuses on how to be assertive in the multi-layered health care system. Very practical book which is popular amongst 'grass-roots' nursing and allied health staff. It is also an ideal tool for managers who work in the caring profession.

  • Edited By: Annie Phillips
  • Published Date: 2003
  • Publisher: Ausmed Publications
  • ISBN: 0-9750445-2-4


Assertive people take control and achieve success as they bring themselves into the best possible focus, by taking responsibility for using all their capabilities, listening and asking questions.

Annie Phillips describes the management concept of assertiveness with such clarity and common sense that the principles and practices described in the book are applicable to health care managers in a variety of professions all over the world. In particular, Nurse Managers will find this book to be an invaluable resource in acquiring the skills of caring and creative assertiveness in the workplace. Assertiveness and the Manager’s Job is written for all those who want to enhance their assertive communication skills. It is a vital source for acquiring skills of caring and creative assertiveness in the workplace.

Key Features

  • Teaches many essential skills, basic techniques and strategies needed to become assertive.
  • Numerous valuable exercises to assist with learning.
  • Clear, concise, common-sense text.
  • Applicable to health care managers in a wide variety of settings.
  • Discussion of common work situations where learned assertiveness skills can be applied.
  • Readers are also taught how to use assertiveness to manage their own time and stress levels more effectively.

About the Editors

Annie Phillips

Annie Phillips has written professionally about health and health management since she qualified as a speech and language therapist in 1978. She has over 20 years of NHS experience in primary and secondary care as a clinician and manager.

Her 10 years as a speech and language therapist led to the research and publication of an international dysphasia / dementia screening test, presented at the 1986 British Aphasiology Conference. She has won various prizes and awards for her subsequent work, and in the 1990’s she was a finalist in the Medeconomics’ Good Management awards, and regional winner in a national British Institute of Management competition on change management. As a management consultant, her interest is in organisational analysis and the development of healthy organisations, with a focus on finding ways to manage stress and conflicts, understanding and alleviating dysfunctional communication and developing effective management strategies.

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