Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice 3rd Edition

Palliative Care Nursing: A Guide to Practice 3rd Edition

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Thoroughly updated, rewritten and revised this third edition offers nurses and healthcare professionals an evidence-based approach to providing better care for people in palliative care and for those who love and support them.

  • Edited By: Margaret O'Connor, Susan Lee and Sanchia Aranda
  • Published Date: April, 2012
  • Publisher: Ausmed Publications
  • ISBN: 9780980366211


Most nurses, at some stage of their career, will be called on to care for a dying person and so it is important that all nurses have the knowledge, skills, compassion and wisdom to care for people near the end of life. Palliative Care Nursing is a reliable and useful practice guide which will be relevant to nurses in all settings. This book is committed to the principles inherent in the practice of palliative care – respect, dignity, excellence, advocacy, equity and accountability. The individual chapters are authored by an international team of nurses who offer evidence, research and strategies for providing the finest approaches for palliative care within different situations and environments.

"The third edition of ‘Palliative care nursing: A guide to practice’ is now available. Apart from one minor quibble – that there is little or no material on quality of life – all relevant aspects of palliative care nursing are covered. This is a comprehensive overview of palliative care nursing, from the first chapter which contextualises palliative care, through communication, the nurse-patient relationship, ethics, spirituality, symptom assessment, management of major symptoms, to wounds, delirium, intimacy, caring for families, grief and bereavement, chronic illness, dementia, the acute hospital system, and paediatric palliative care. This excellent and authoritative text for the Australian palliative care nurse is written and edited primarily by Australian nurses who are all leaders in their field. It is well set out, easy to read, evidence based, and richly referenced." - Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education

"The chapter topics are well chosen and encompass key issues in contemporary palliative care nursing. The chapter authors have extensively researched their allotted areas. It is now for you, the reader, to assess how to use the information to improve your practice ... I urge you to dip into those chapters that are new or a little outside your everyday experience. You will not be disappointed." - Professor Sheila Payne, Director of the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Help the Hospices Chair in Hospice Studies, Director of the Cancer Experiences Collaborative, President of the European Association for Palliative Care


  • Foreword: Sheila Payne
  • Framing palliative care, David Stephenson
  • Communication during transitions to palliative care, Susan Lee
  • Surviving and thriving: the nurse-patient relationship in palliative care, Louise Peters and Fiona McDermott
  • Ethical decision-making in palliative care: Debra Griffiths
  • Spirituality in palliative care nursing: Susan Ronaldson
  • Symptom assessment in palliative care: Donna Rostron and Judy Zollo
  • Strategies to manage pain in palliative care: Jeannine M Brant
  • Dyspnoea and breathlessness in palliative care nursing: Isabella Zhao, Vanessa Brunelli and Patsy Yates
  • Fatigue in palliative care: Katrina Breaden
  • Constipation in palliative care: John Rosenberg
  • Nausea and vomiting in palliative care nursing: Patsy Yates
  • Nutrition and hydration in palliative care: Margaret O’Connor and Katrina Récoché
  • Malignant wounds in palliative care: Patricia Grocott
  • Delirium in palliative care: Eleanor Flynn and Jac Mathieson
  • Sexuality and intimacy in palliative care: Amanda Hordern
  • Caring for families in the palliative care setting: Amanda Johnson
  • Understanding grief and bereavement in the palliative care setting: Molly Carlile
  • Palliative care in chronic illness: Patricia Davidson and Jane L Phillips
  • Ageing, dementia and palliative care: Deborah Parker
  • Palliative care in the acute hospital system: Kate Jackson, Christine Mooney and Gabrielle O’Connor
  • Paediatric palliative care: Leanne Monterosso and Sharon De Graves

About the Editors/Authors

Professor Margaret O’Connor

Margaret is the Vivian Bullwinkel Chair in Palliative Care Nursing at Monash University, where she also leads the Palliative Care Research Team. Margaret’s work has always concentrated on linking research to clinical practice, to make a difference to the care of both the patient and their family members.

Dr Susan Lee

Susan is senior lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University and a member of the Palliative Care Research Team. She teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students in palliative care and has research interests in decision-making, workforce development and models of palliative care.

Professor Sanchia Aranda

Sanchia is director of cancer services and information at Cancer Institute NSW. Her research focuses on the development and testing of interventions to address the supportive and palliative care needs of people with cancer.

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